To get to know me a little better, Here is a Q&A from an assignment while attending Full Sail University.

 Q: What is your ultimate career goal?

A: To put it plainly, my ultimate career goal is to be successful at making other people successful. More specifically, I would like to provide brand and marketing consultations to businesses and ministries wherever there is the need.

Q: Where do you see your career five, and ten years after graduation?

A: This question will allow me to expand on my previous answer. In five years I see myself doing minor consulting to anyone willing to hear me out. I will be on a journey to gain experience wherever it may present itself.  I see myself in a place of prosperity, drive, and motivation to go even further with my knowledge. In ten years it is hard to imagine all that has taken place by this point. However, I see myself no longer working and maintaining websites. I see myself being a consultant to others who want to incorporate branding and marketing within their businesses. I want to spend the rest of my life being a consultant helping others achieve success.

Q: What business and entrepreneurial skills are necessary to achieve your goals?

A: After referring to many of the resources I have learned about thus far in my education, a few skills became pretty consistent when searching about internet marketing positions. I must be able to have leadership qualities to manage a team. Even if the position doesn’t require leading a team, if you plan to advance in anyway then you must be able to know how to lead. Therefore making communication even more important. When involved with marketing, I will be surrounded by a team constantly whether it is the business I am helping or my team I am apart of to help others succeed. In order to be heard and effectively market, communication skills are vital. Lastly, another quality that is very consistent with job titles is being creative. Being creative and open minded is also very crucial when marketing any product or business. There is exponential growth when dealing with business and marketing. I will have to be willing to adapt to what is new to be able to move forward.

Q: What specific items will you include in your portfolio to make your personal brand more marketable?

A: In order to make my personal brand more marketable I will include three main things. First, I will include all the experience I have attained to that point. Second, I will include my education. I believe in Full Sail as a great reputable reference that shows my knowledge to be credible. Lastly, I will include all the specific personal qualities that I have. I believe that all of these things will provide a solid, to the point portfolio that I need to market myself effectively.