I have been reading, “48 Days to the Work I Love” by Dan Miller. Through each day I have gained valuable insight and thought I would share a snippet from todays reading.

1. Passion. A person with passion is a person who can set goals. Without them, you can have no clear direction and will drift along the road of circumstances.

2. Determination. Without a clear purpose, any obstacle will send a person in a new direction. Without determination, you will easily be lured away from your path.

3. Talent. No one has talent in every area, but everyone has talent. Discover where you rise to the top. What are those things you love to do whether or not you get paid?

4. Self-discipline. Without self-discipline, a person can easily be swayed by others. Self-discipline is the foundation that makes others work.

5. Faith. Even with everything lining up logically, there still comes that step of faith into the unknown. You cannot reach new lands if you keep one foot on the shore.

How do these 5 predictors relate to you? These will help you evaluate yourself and the work you do. I recommend asking the questions in this article as well.