One hour of your day¬†has the biggest impact on your life. This has been confirmed after many studies done on the most successful people in the world. An hour that so many of us miss because of the hustle and bustle of our daily lives. We are so “busy” by our work lives that we miss it all together, it could even be what gets you the job you always wanted. What hour am I talking about? The first hour you wake up.

The first hour we wake up is crucial because it sets the standard for the rest of our day. Depending on how we spend it, the course of our day is on the line. Now if you like most people and wake up scrambling around trying to get to work, this is for you. Being accustomed to rushing in the morning makes this first hour even more important to you because you are missing it every day. Below are some action steps to get started.

1. Routine

Try to go to bed at a decent time and have a clear idea on when you plan to get up. This will allow your body and your mind to stay on the same page. Our bodies work like a clock so getting in a regular routine is very important.

2. Filling the mind with positivity and set goals

I spend the first 30 minutes in meditative and devotional reading. The news is filled with all kinds of obscene things. Don’t fill your mind up with negativity to start the day. Usually later in the day i’ll catch up on the news and scan through anything that is important to me. Don’t forget to set goals! Setting goals sets you up for success and a motivated life.

3. Exercise

Getting some exercise in the morning is great way to get the blood flowing and boost your creativity. It doesn’t have to be anything intense, maybe a quick walk around the neighborhood or a light jog. Just enough to make you feel alive and ready to conquer the day! Often times, I will have a harder workout later in the day to keep my health in check.

Getting in a routine can be challenging but spending the first hour of our day is a great place to start. Finding when we are creative and building our lives around it will help maximize our day. After recently implementing these steps in my life I have gained a much clearly outlook on life each day. My days are much more organized and more importantly¬†filled with purpose. I’m left feeling extra motivated and ready to fulfill my calling. What other ways have you found that improve your everyday living?