The common route

Most people want a website for one of two reasons. One they want a personal website to promote something they have created or for their personal portfolio. Or they are a business that wants to promote their product or campaign. Either way, the person or business looking for a website will go straight to a web designer. Usually this means spending thousands of dollars for a sub-standard website.

Web Designers

Web designers are good at designing. Most aren’t educated or care to focus on the marketing aspect of the site they are creating. Which is completely understandable because it isn’t their forte. Designers are well, designers. They are artists that create digital art. They might have a general idea of marketing, but designing is “what they do”.


Marketers have a keen sense of design placement. They understand things like brand awareness, usability, navigation, perceptibility, etc. They aren’t usually the best at designing a website, but they have a great understanding of how it should be put together. They get your product noticed so what the designer creates can be profitable. This is “what they do”.

Why you need both

From reading the above information, it is probably pretty clear why you need both. Each play a vital role in creating the website that is going to work great for you. You need a unique design and you need people to find it. If you are worried about a budget I can tell you the best route to go. It doesn’t involve several thousands of dollars. You can get a well designed and marketed site for a reasonable price tag.

I personally fall under the “marketer” role. However, I have created a numerous well designed personal sites. If you want to get started you can message me for a free consultation. To learn more about what I am passionate about I suggest reading, “Q&A: Becoming Successful By Making You Successful“.