1. Self Reflection

Setting goals forces us to sit down and think about where we are. It gives an opportunity to step back and see where our lives are and if it is headed in the right direction, or any direction.

2. Focus

Setting goals will give us laser focus. We often have a good idea and say we are going to do something but then a week later forget about it. Writing goals down will help us focus on getting done what we actually say we will!

3. Confidence

Nothing feels better than putting a check through the empty box next to a goal. This will give us confidence to keep raising the bar and accomplish new things.

4. Discipline

Goal setting teaches us discipline. Along with focus, it narrows down objectives and holds us to them. When we write them down we feel an obligation to complete them rather than just thinking something and forgetting it a day or so later.

5. Long-Term Outlook

Goals can be daily, weekly, monthly, yearly or whatever time segment you like. This gives us the ability to plan ahead. Where will we be in a year or two? Goals will create a track for us to get their faster and more efficiently.

I like to set goals right before I start my day. This helps me focus my day and get what needs to get done, done! Read How One Hour Will Change Your Life for more information.

Are you a goal setter?