Creating a routine helps us stay organized and motivated. Sometimes it can be challenging to stick to a schedule but it is worth it. How can you create a perfect schedule? The answer is simple.

When are you most creative

If we find the time we are most creative we can schedule the rest of our days around it. Everybody is different, really look at your life. What time do you “come alive” and are full of ideas and energy? This time is when you get the most work done and are fully alert. For me, it is generally between 10pm-12pm. I know many who say early in the morning is theirs. A friend was telling me how he knew a guy that was really good at writing between 1am-4am. So he built the rest of his day around it.

The point is, if you want to get more work done find when you are best at doing it. The results may surprise you. The first hour you wake up is also crucial. Read “How One Hour Will Change Your Life“. What time are you the most alert and alive?