First, it is important to understand the impact mobile marketing has made and why it should be a part of your marketing efforts. The U.S. wireless mobile market penetration climbed from less than 1 percent in 1985 to 38 percent in 2000 to 96 percent today. Mobile marketing campaigns are reaching new heights and are growing exponentially. We want things done fast and easy by nature, mobile devices do this for us. In return, marketing campaigns are beginning to thrive.

1. Launch a COMPLETE campaign.

Tie up all your loose ends, know your stuff, and have a plan. Don’t launch a mobile marketing campaign unless it is ready. Launching one half complete will do more harm then good for your business. Although the mobile marketplace is exploding, remain patient and develop something that will be beneficial to your customers.

2. Create FAST content

Mobile users are on the go which means they need information quickly. Avoid promoting multiple page reports, books, etc. in your mobile campaign. Be to the point and pin point what you’re marketing so you covey a clear concise message.

3. Creative Graphics

Replace lengthy words and paragraphs with graphics that illustrate meaning for your campaign. You only have so much space, using images helps maximize the space you have by combining what you are trying to say in a simple graphic.

4. Easy Contact

Your not going to want your customer hunting for a way to contact you. Leave a page dedicated to your contact information. Or even better, put icons (Social Media, Email, and Phone Number) at the bottom that acts as a footer on all pages.

5. Bandwidth limits

Remember, mobile devices are restrained by bandwidth in a different way than your website. Be sure to reduce file sizes and optimize your content to ensure speed. The last thing you want is a customer trying to download/purchase your product and they are left waiting forever.

6. Mobile Specific Discounts

Remember, a mobile site is not an extension from your website. It is more than that. To generate more traffic to your mobile campaign, offer discounts and rates that are only available to your customers through your mobile platform or application.

7. Stay Mobile

Do everything you can to keep your customer on the mobile device. The less steps toward your call to action the better. Enable users to print, download, email, purchase or whatever your offering to do all through the mobile platform. Don’t make them ditch the phone and resort to getting on your website. If they make it that far.

Mobile marketing campaigns can be very beneficial to your business. In most cases I would say it is a crucial element that needs to be implemented. With that being said, it is only one part of your business. You still need a great product behind it all. Everything connects as one whole product or brand. So be patient, once you launch a mobile marketing strategy don’t expect your business to explode over night. Be realistic and set realistic goals. You will begin to get a sense of satisfaction when you see your business come together on all cylinders. Take charge and dream big!

references: Hopkins, J., & Turner, J. (2012). Go mobile: Location-based marketing, apps, mobile optimized ad campaigns, 2D codes and other mobile strategies to grow your business. Hoboken, N.J.: Wiley.